Win7PE Tweaks

Win7PE provides the posibility to the user, to define several options, values, etc.
  • Start WinBuilder
  • To customise the Win7PE project, type "config  win7pe" and hit "Enter / Return".
  • To customise a component / plugin, type "config  <name>" and hit "Enter / Return".
A GUI appears which displays the changable items.
The ComboBoxes accept multiple choices. To select / delelect an item, hold the <cntrl> key down when clicking.
After making all your choices, click the "Submit" button.

WinBuilder makes it easy to customise. The <name> may be typed case insensitive, and WinBuilder recognises fragments of the name.
Instead of "config AmmyyAdminPortable" you can simply use "
config ammy".
Of course, the fragment must be unique. "
config portable" will not work, because there are several plugins which contain "Portable" in the name.

Some theory:

The appearing GUI is described by the file "settings.html" in the Win7PE directory.
The factory settings are described by the file "settings.xml" in the Win7PE directory.
The user's individual settings are described by the file "settings.xml" in the cache directory as ???-settings.xml.
Win7PE directory: <WinBuilder directory>/downloads/???-Win7PE
??? is an individual number defined by DownloadCenter organisation. Currently it is 300.
cache directory: <WinBuilder directory>/downloads/cache

On start, the Win7PE project creates the user's settings from factory settings, if they do not exist yet.
At every time the user can return to factory settings by just deleting ???-settings.xml manually.